Hard To Say Good-bye


I dreamed we were together just the other night. We sat together upon Adirondack chairs with soft green grass beneath our bare feet. It was a place we had never been before, and at times, the air and surroundings would appear very much like this photograph. We seemed to glide in-between each place. It was not hot or cold, just pleasant. We chatted for hours and smiled and laughed. When I awoke I thought how nice to visit with you there. When last I saw you, you were lying unresponsive on your hospital bed .

Last night Janet left us on this physical plane and although we knew it was coming, it is so hard to say good-bye. God Bless you darling Sister. We’ll be together again. You are free!

(for my Sister-in-law, Janet)

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5 thoughts on “Hard To Say Good-bye

  1. Dear Theresa, You all are in my prayers. Life is just a moment and we are thankful for those good people the Dear Lord put in our lives to share with us. It is both quiet and stunning time when someone we love leaves this earth, but the time shared becomes more precious. There are no real words to make it better, only the words spoken in prayer.
    I am grateful that you are my friend. You are a good, kind and sensitive person and the Dear Lord is with you.

    Your friend,

  2. @magicofspice Thank you. Losing this woman hurts a lot!


    Your blessings and prayers intended for our Janet have been felt and appreciated. You are a dear friend and so your kind wishes and thoughtfulness will remain in our hearts. Janet asked me to thank everyone who took time to pray for her and that she was overwhelmed by the kindnesses she received.

    Always graciously beautiful, Janet will be sorely missed. Today, August 2nd, would have been her birthday celebration. Instead we celebrate her life, and all of the people she touched throughout her time with us. Just to see her smile and to be embraced and welcomed was something to look forward to. She had a laugh that would fill the room and light up her eyes and face.

  3. Theresa, my heart aches for you, my dear. Janet sounds like a lovely lady, in every sense of the word. I’m glad your life was blessed with her presence, and that you have beautiful memories of your Sister, Janet. My prayers are with you.

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