Inside My Kitchen Window

Beyond the baker’s rack, the bird house, plants and books is the window to my kitchen. It might look as if I am blocking off the area, and I am from my kitties, but on the other side, where lies my sink’s position, I can see the area from there. There is the spiral staircase and hallway, atrium and living room. The dining room, where I presently sit, is to the right (stage left) and I am using the dinner table as my writing headquarters. I am taking a five-minute breather. I sip my coffee and I ponder whether or not to cook chicken wings or pork loin chops. I might fry some of both and wrap the rest up and freeze them for another day. This way I get fresh (as fresh as possible not living on a farm), and I will have secured the meat and poultry for a future meal.

Last night (2:30 AM) I was naughty and prepared a pasta dish. Lately, with the heat wave trying to choke the life out of everything it tries to swallow, I have refrained from turning my oven on and have not been using the stove often. This is torment for me as I cook, I bake. It is what I do. For me to have to neglect my inner passions is a bit difficult, but necessary. As soon as the cooler weather comes I will be taking advantage of that situation.

Tuesday Night Menu

Fried Chicken Wings w/garlic sesame dipping sauce

Fried Pork Loin Chops w/gravy from the drippings

Green Beans Almandine w/bacon crumbling

Garlic French Bread fried not baked

Fresh Strawberry Halves w/Creme Chantilly

Glass of White Zinfindel

prep time: 8 minutes

cook time: 15 min


4 thoughts on “Inside My Kitchen Window

    • Are you rubbing it in? B&B was here looking at the A/C this morning. Thankfully all is well. the power outage for two hours Sunday night, allowed too much humidity to get inside and then it froze over. My husband allowed it to defrost, changed the filter and Voila. It is working. The temperatures are going to heat up tomorrow. Ugh!

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