Inside My Kitchen Window

Beyond the baker’s rack, the bird house, plants and books is the window to my kitchen. It might look as if I am blocking off the area, and I am from my kitties, but on the other side, where lies my sink’s position, I can see the area from there. There is the spiral staircase and hallway, atrium and living room. The dining room, where I presently sit, is to the right (stage left) and I am using the dinner table as my writing headquarters. I am taking a five-minute breather. I sip my coffee and I ponder whether or not to cook chicken wings or pork loin chops. I might fry some of both and wrap the rest up and freeze them for another day. This way I get fresh (as fresh as possible not living on a farm), and I will have secured the meat and poultry for a future meal.

Last night (2:30 AM) I was naughty and prepared a pasta dish. Lately, with the heat wave trying to choke the life out of everything it tries to swallow, I have refrained from turning my oven on and have not been using the stove often. This is torment for me as I cook, I bake. It is what I do. For me to have to neglect my inner passions is a bit difficult, but necessary. As soon as the cooler weather comes I will be taking advantage of that situation.

Tuesday Night Menu

Fried Chicken Wings w/garlic sesame dipping sauce

Fried Pork Loin Chops w/gravy from the drippings

Green Beans Almandine w/bacon crumbling

Garlic French Bread fried not baked

Fresh Strawberry Halves w/Creme Chantilly

Glass of White Zinfindel

prep time: 8 minutes

cook time: 15 min


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