Senseless Brutality

Picturesque and Peaceful Oslo, Norway

Up until yesterday whenever I would think of Oslo, Norway , I visualized a clean, peaceful and safe place, filled with law-abiding citizens and a calm serenity most countries do not enjoy. Cultured comes to mind, too. On July 23, 2011 all that changed. No more will Norway’s people feel secure, and they have a diabolical cold-blooded murderer to thank for it.

The fact that this man wants to speak out at his hearing in court tomorrow is ludicrous! He want to justify his brutality delivered to the innocent and unsuspecting. He wants us to understand why he blew up a government building. He wants us to understand why about an hour later, he systematically hunted and mercilessly stalked his prey of young adults and teenagers fleeing for their lives, on an island surrounded by frigid waters. He want to explain the reasons he took matters into his own hands and pulled the trigger again and again, over and over. He plotted for months before he carried out his diabolical and (yes folks … you’ve heard it from me) evil agenda. Heinous crimes against the unarmed and defenseless and beautiful Norwegian people.

I am of the mind that when someone is caught red-handed, guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he or she should be delivered swift and extremely harsh punishment. I do not believe for one moment that the parents, loved ones, friends or the Norwegian government wants to “understand and sympathize” with this individual. Right about now I would like to see the return of England’s historically famous “Bloody Mary”, because she would have him dealt with on her terms and for all to see. Public execution for a public executioner. Dish it out and be ready to enjoy what you doled out. Were it up to me, I would refuse to allow him to speak another word … he’s already made a loud enough statement.

If he is allowed to spew his diatribe then it sets a tone of acceptance for what is considered a heinous and violent act. It will not discourage others, but will actually encourage more of this criminal behavior.

Frankly, I am sickened by the really guilty murderers in this world wanting to be center-stage so we can be their audience. This should be handled in the middle of the square and he should be gagged because all he would utter would be words of unjustifiable hate. The death toll was 92 when I last checked. This terrorist has swiftly ended innocent lives, ruined his country’s untarnished reputation, bought cruelty to a country which hasn’t seen violence like this since WWII, and has forever injured the minds and hearts of countless people, not only in Norway, but around the world. Like the waves against the shore, violence has a ripple effect, and that … affects us all.


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One response to “Senseless Brutality

  • DBSanders

    The workings of pure evil in a deranged mind will always defy explanation and sicken the soul of human beings. Evil seeks to bring about evil, it wins when we respond as evil. Death is too quick a punishment, but a life time of hell would not be enough. After this life let the punishment continue on every level of existence for all time, and only worsens with each tick of an eternal clock, stroking out the cries of agony…

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