New Kitchen Toy

I just received this purchase I made online and it is going to make our summertime sweeter, cooler, tasty and fun. It’s something my husband and I can make together in the kitchen and enjoy while we watch our movies or catch up on recorded programs. There’s such an array of different choices of frozen desserts to make by pouring juices (for example), attaching the top, inserting the sticks and freezing. We had Tupperware pop makers when I was a kid, and my late Mother felt such pride in making these treats for us. Daddy was the cook.

I’ll have more pics once we decide which flavors to make. have a safe and Happy Fourth of July. I thank God for our freedoms.

We did it! Joe and I made lots of different popsicles orange juice, white grape peach juice, green tea, green tea and something, cran-grape juice, grapefruit soda, cranberry and acai soda, and two others. I have new photos and when they are ready (guess how I found out they’re not ready to eat)  🙂 I will yake a few more. We’re excited because he doesn’t cook and we had fun making them. Plus, we no longer need to purchase store pops with chemicals. HooRay! I forgot to take one of the pops with the sticks, but I will when they are ready. We can hardly wait. Time for the fireworks in Washington, DC … in a few more minutes!


4 thoughts on “New Kitchen Toy

  1. Nice! I went through a phase when I was younger where I was begging my mom to purchase something like this, but she never remembered. Hope you all had a great July 4th!

  2. This is a great way to have natural frozen treats during warm weather…and all kitchen toys are good things 🙂

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