Theresa’s Pasta Surprise

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Theresa’s Surprise Pasta

1/2 box vermicelli (cook according to package)

10 pitted cherries

1/4 stick unsalted butter

1/2 carton pre-sliced porcini mushrooms

3 cloves garlic (peeled & sliced cross-wise)

1/4 bottle of capers (without brine)

8 bacon slices cut into fourths (fried brown & crispy & reserve the drippings)

12 snap peas (rinsed & microwaved 80 seconds only)

1/4 cup beer (1 bottle cold Cream Stout Sam Adams)

Salt & Pepper (to taste)

1/4 cup EVOO (olive oil) drizzled wherever!

1 vine ripened tomato (cut into seven wedges)


1) Open your beer (any flavor works) and take a few swallows cook the bacon until golden brown and crispy, place on paper towel

2) Boil plenty of water for pasta (toss in salt when water boils, before adding pasta)

3) Melt butter into pan and brown mushrooms and then toss in garlic

4) Season with salt and pepper

5) Rinse and place snap peas into microwave for 80 seconds only

6) Toss in capers, snap peas, cherry halves, stir and then add the beer

7) Slice tomato into wedges and drizzle with EVOO and sprinkle seasonings

8) Place cooked pasta into a serving bowl drizzle w/ 2-4 tablespoons of bacon drippings

7) Pour the contents of pan over the pasta, salt & pepper and toss

8) If you like, sprinkle with cheese and serve with the tomato wedges

Sometimes (I know it isn’t proper) But I do … I want to kiss myself for the flavors I taste when I cook my own dishes. I ate two bowlfuls of this and finished my one beer. Yes!


3 thoughts on “Theresa’s Pasta Surprise

  1. I love the idea of using cherries in this recipe. I’m a lot more open to unusual twists these days. I want to taste it ALL before I go! I know what you mean about kissing yourself. Sometimes I fix something and it tastes so good I could cry. We’re Both such creatures of our passions. Love all the colors of the dish, too!

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