What! It’s Not Sunday?

It’s not Sunday … I’m a day late. I woke up with the stirrings of a poem, but now the whispering echoes of those clever heartfelt thoughts are evaporating. They are lingering at the outer edges of my mind, teasing me with their laughter and dancing off into the distance. It was something about my roots of knowing, and the deeply planted seeds of somewhere else. Yes, by Jove, that’s it! I made myself remember the opening line. What this line has to do with me, is that all throughout my life, I have seen in my mind’s eye, little clips of a life or two previously lived, by me. Yes, that’s right folks. I recall teasing memories of different places, voices, facts surrounding places which I have never seen or traveled to see. I grew up with an inner-knowing that I AM here on earth for a purpose, that I AM a child of my Heavenly Father, and that I have a true connection with those people from the past, since the beginning of my life …  somewhere else. I AM a spirit reborn. It isn’t fanciful, and I readily admit to an occasional flight of fancy, to add spice to a situation for my amusement. But not in this instance. This is a hallowed haunting to remind me to stay on my path. And what might this path be, some of you might ask.

First of all, my path was shaped by those who raised me, my teachers who taught me, my friends and others drawn to me or I to them. It’s a spider web effect, which affects us in thousands of different ways. It is sometimes predictable but it is also contrary. If you were to turn off all the sounds all about you and become still and relax, you would feel the web, your connection, and know that what I say is true. While my path was influenced, I am the one who ultimately decides my next move. I have free will.

I believe my path is a simple one this time. Although you might not believe this, what with all of the inner conflict and almost insurmountable obstacles that have been thrown in my way, but really it is. I simply needed to focus on my talents, develop them, and as easy as pie … share them. That is my job on earth. However there is a catch. There are rules I need to follow, standards of conduct to which I must adhere, and I must try to keep in-bounds. Compliance with the simple request of loving my Creator, The Universe, myself and my neighbor  is one. Not to call another a fool and not to turn away a beggar. One of the few rules my parents gave me was to respect others, embrace everyone (no matter their looks, race, religion, etc.) and never, ever, to make fun of the physically or mentally challenged, for in their eyes that was the greatest sin of all against our fellow-man. The last of the guidelines in my life is the ability to show empathy, compassion, and kindness. Sharing with others … well, my middle sister taught me this lesson, and I’m very glad about that!

Pretty easy assignment wouldn’t you agree? If I work at improving myself, carrying out my orders, and trying very hard to be good, I might get another cool assignment next time out! HooRay! I love everybody and everybody loves me. If I live by these thoughts they will surely be true. Peace be with you.


7 thoughts on “What! It’s Not Sunday?

  1. Good Day to a “Old Soul.” It has been said by some that each lifetime we are here to perfect ourselves. What we do not learn and resolve we will have to face again in our next life. You have done well in you past lives to come this close to perfection.

    I enjoy your writings and photos. I dearly love your recipes and the taste of your food.

    • Takes one to know one. I have to admit that while my late Mother was my parent, I believe of us two, that she was still my child. I’m okay with this. she told me I reminded her of her adoptive Father. I never got to meet him as he died long before I was born, but she said I had the same warm heart and generous spirit. After I pondered this I decided perhaps she was right and I had some traits and similarities to her Dad. Perhaps it’s the reason I adored mama, her adoptive Mother and why my own Mother felt like my child. Sometimes if we simply accept what we don’t understand, it all fits into the scheme of things. It’s all about love.

  2. Lovely photo, lovely thoughts, lovely post, Theresa, and obviously heartfelt. I like that about you, that you put so much of your heart into your work. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. My heart opens like a budding flower and then closes for that privacy thing I have. It’s a quirk of mine. I thank you for your sweet words, for you are such a favorite of mine.

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