International Day Of Compassion

Patch Adams Needs Our Help Building

“The Gesundheit Institute”

Pocahontas County, West Virginia

There they will address every medical need possible. They have nothing to do with medical insurance. They have zero mal-practice insurance. They aren’t about the money and greed. They are about health and sowing seeds of hope. At Patch’s place, doctors, janitors, everyone …  is paid the same $300.00 (per month), and thousands of doctors are on the waiting list so they can work with him.

Patch wants to help motivate people to live healthy lives, to teach others to love oneself and life. They have a fully operating farm. They offer healing practices, holistic in nature. By eliminating 90% of the overhead, they can and do serve their patients better by encouraging them to live interdependent as a family.

The Gesundheit Institute will be an ultimate practicing facility and farming eco-friendly village. Doctors will be helping people with medicine, the way they dreamed of doing it. Reaching them in ways conventional practices don’t offer.

Compassion is the key. Greed be-gone. We need to heal the Earth and people’s lives through humor, wonder, passion, creativity, play, joy, diet, exercise, wonder, hope, passion, curiosity and having a thoughtful life. Loving is the most important thing in life. Schools do not teach this in class and perhaps because of this there is a great imbalance in our society. Bullying alone has gotten so out-of-control that there are new laws prohibiting this terrible crime, once thought of as childish tormenting of another child.

We need to rethink our options. We need to redesign the way we think. Back in the 1960s we had a social conscience, a shared moral viewpoint, and many people are ready to get back to making beneficial and positive social change. The time is ripe for designing a society that can be beneficial for all of us. It’s about “Creating a voice to compose a society you prefer,” Wow! What a visionary concept. Utopia!

Universal Studios failed to keep their word to build the hospital and Patch Adams didn’t make any money from the film (about his life and work). The film grossed well over $100 Million! Imagine that! His reaction was to give Free Hugs to people who needed compassion. What a guy!

Join His Hug Patrol and Help Us To Help Him Build. There are different ways to get The Gesundheit Institution built. Write, visit the website, donate, become a volunteer for a week, maybe hold a fundraiser. Talk to your employers convince them to allow for (pre-tax or tax-free) payroll deduction donations, to help Patch Adams.

Put on your clown nose and remember what you used to feel like when you had hope in your heart, and enjoy the intoxicating benefits of healthy respect for others. Compassion is something you have, and if you don’t think you have developed this trait, allow Patch Adams and his staff to show you the way. Become full of compassion and give love to others. When you are full of love you are the wealthiest person in town!


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7 responses to “International Day Of Compassion

  • Theresa H Hall

    Non-Profit French Bakery. What a good concept. Good one TZT 😛

  • Bob

    This is sounds too much like “Three cups of tea” to me, but them I’m very cynical about people who seem just too good to be true. Where’s the rest of the money from the Patch Adams books?

    And a medical facility without malpractice insurance? There should be big sign on the door that says, “Enter at your own risk” because that’s what you would be doing.

  • Theresa H Hall

    Bob, I hear you, but listen to his interview with Cher. Check out connect discussions and search it out. It was wonderful and this guy is for real.

    I’d rather go to hospital with caring doctors than those who are only in it for the cash.

  • Glen

    “remember what you used to feel like when you had hope in your heart”

    bang on

  • Theresa H Hall

    Yes, and I dust it off and rev up my hope engines because quite frankly Glen, I am just beginning to understand the plan for me and that I have just been in training for where I am now. I hope to continue to send out messages of hope. Keep the faith! 🙂

  • Theresa_BC is a wonderful venue for getting Bloggers to Spread messages and be a force of hope for others, who need us to unite to provide assistance. 🙂

  • Barkha Dhar

    Thanks for sharing an informative post. It is always a pleasure reading your posts.

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