The Great American Bake Sale

Last month my friend Buck, the writer of the food blog, Sugar Pies, held a  Great American Bake Sale. I donated modestly, but decided to point others toward either holding their very own no-bake sale, or to simply pitch in by making a one-time donation. When every one comes together to provide, then no one has to feel it is hard to give. In fact the more we give to others, the more our own lives improve. It frees us from feeling like we are always penny-pinching.

Children deserve to have good healthy food to eat. They should never go to bed feeling under nourished. EVER! And this goes for all people, not just kids. We live on a planet that is always generous to us, yet too much of the time we are clutching our wallets and fiercely concentrating on our own needs. Sharing a little of what we have insures more bounty for our future.

Go on. Click the link. See how hunger is hurting our kids, our families, our elderly, our world. Do something positive by making a good and helpful choice. Give $5. $10. $15. or even just $1. It doesn’t matter what amount you give … just do your part by donating, or hosting your own no-bake sale. It really matters. It surely does.

I want to thank my readers for not noticing I took a break from blogging on my SKDD site. I want to thank you for being generous and following my lead. Together we can feel the difference we are making in the lives of those who depend upon charity. Another meaning for charity is love … and nothing about that word can ever do anything but good.


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