Monday or Sugar Blues

Klöntalersee, in the canton of Glarus, Switzerland

It isn’t just because it’s Monday, or that I had to get up extra early to continue my yearly physical appointments. I say yearly because I did go two years ago. About three weeks ago I was bombarded by phone calls from my doctor’s nurse. She insisted I come in and have blood drawn, vitals taken and let the doctor tell me if I was healthy, as she could not just take my word for it. I had known this was coming. I do (so) dislike being poked and prodded, stuck with the needle and so forth.

I did go and as it turns out I have been eating a few too many of my French concoctions, been using too much pasta in my meals (I love pasta!), been way too heavy-handed with the butter, cream, eggs, and rich foods. Apparently, I’d been overdosing on the carbonated colas, too. My funny doctor placed me on a healthier regimen of fruits, vegetables, hardly any pasta (there’s nary a noodle in sight … being all locked away in the pantry), and only lean white meat. Does this mean no chicken wings? Sad to say I have been doing a bang-up job of following the doctor’s orders … most of the time … and have discovered that I’m suffering from the sugar blues. Oh woe is me! I open the fridge to reach for a cold drink and find skim milk and water. Juice is full of calories so I may have an allotted portion of these sugary drinks as well.

Tomorrow is the visit to the ladies doctor, and then next month I am to have a colonoscopy. Sadly, one of my male in-laws passed away from colon cancer, over three years ago, and I promised Andrea, that I would get all of these tests taken care of. Seems I procrastinate and although it has been a while keeping my word, I will have it done and then decide whether or not to have another excruciating mammogram in August. I did have that test twenty months ago, and let me tell you that it was the most painful experience I have had. When my doctor mentioned this test,  I shrank back in horror. I explained how much it hurt and that it made me think I was going to explode. She looked a little surprised. I told her that if it was going to be that painful, I never wanted to repeat it again. Now I had this examination a few times in the past, but never had a technician been so cruel. I agreed to think about it. This gives me a modicum of relief, being able to refuse something so unpleasant. The other side to this coin is that I have a darling in-law who has suffered from breast cancer. I am left between the rock and the hard-place. Most likely, I’ll reluctantly relent and give in to good sense. Thankfully I have four months to gather a whole lot of courage.

Most of you who read my journal entries know I do not usually get up-close-and-personal. Not in this intimate way, anyway. It is important that while I am uneasy to have a needle shoved into my vein, or someone squeeze my arm with that blood pressure monitor, or have my insides looked at with a little camera, I want to emphasize the importance of making an appointment for your physical and to follow through on it. Earlier today I kept an appointment with the dermatologist who informed me that a little dark spot I was concerned about was not cancerous (I had wounded myself) and the tiny blood vessel was messed up. I knew it! But I have a relative who worked out in the sun, wind and rain for many years doing construction and he has some (sun spots) skin cancer on his face. I will now admit that I wasn’t certain what it could be, but I had put off going to the doctor long enough.

Do the right thing. Schedule an appointment to have your body checked out. We take better care of our automobiles I’m sure. It’s just that I did agree to have these important tests done, and I found the courage (with a little encouragement from my doctor’s nurse) to see the doctor. Now all I need do is watch what I eat, exercise (five times a week!), and eat less of those rich, sweet and wonderful foods I love to make. I can do this and you can, too. Call your doctor!

I hear glucose withdrawal will go eventually subside after a bit. In the meantime, I won’t blame Monday for being the cause of my sugar blues. I thought this beautiful mountain photograph would help me take my mind off of the sweets.


7 thoughts on “Monday or Sugar Blues

  1. I had a mammogram yesterday, and it was the least uncomfortable one I’ve ever had! I was so surprised and pleased. I’m SO glad you’re taking care of yourself. We need you in our lives!

    • Thank you! I had my well woman check up yesterday and saw the dermatologist on Monday. I do not mind the colonoscopy next month, but I don’t relish drinking that concoction! Mr. Yucky Face here. 😛

      Decided about having another mammogram. Next time I will take a whip with me, and remind the technician to be careful. Naturally, I will hold it during the procedure. 🙂 … the whip … for protection.

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