You Don’t Have To Be In Kansas Anymore

You can be anywhere in the world for this type of weather. It used to be such an isolated occurrence. Tornados are angry clouds combined with colliding temperatures, and high winds. I admit to being a glutton for punishment, and I have a strange fascination with these lethal funnels. I have watched the movie Twister many times, and still quake within while Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton chased, and then were chased by these giants. It was all right as long as it was just a movie and I was home safe shaking under the quilt.

Over the weekend twisters touched down wreaking havoc and taking lives. I am so sad for those families whose loved ones were torn away from them. It must have been a horrid, frightening, and helpless way to die. Those storms threatened us for hours, even days beforehand, once we had heard what they did out in the central American states.  

We believed we had the all-clear and decided to go out to eat some dinner. Half-way through I overheard a man talking. He was sitting with his extended family, babies and toddlers included, at the table next to ours. There were televisions strategically anchored to the walls for the diners’ entertainment. I saw many of them jump up and run toward the glass windows of the restaurant. I could hardly swallow the bite of food in my mouth, before I was right there with them. In the distance, perhaps two to three miles away, the dark clouds gathered and looked hell-bent on making their way directly for us.

We went to the televisions and watched the weather channel show an example of an upright whirling tornado, while the announcer told us to seek shelter, stay away from windows and head for the basement. Sorry to say this, but as we looked about for shelter, our faces mirrored what we all felt. That same hopeless feeling of “We’re F**ked!” 

It had a good ending for us, as the storm decided to take another direction and we were spared. We were lucky, but dozens of others were not spared. My heartfelt prayers for them and their families.

**  News Update: Forty-five lives were lost during these storms across six states! 

** Video News Update: Three Confirmed Tornados in Maryland


6 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Be In Kansas Anymore

  1. Nature can be so powerful at times. It forms part of its attraction as well as reminding us of how powerless we really are when it decides to unleash its strength. It is indeed sad how much devastation it can cause.

  2. Hi Theresa,

    How frightening! While it’s true that different parts of the country have to deal with their own set of weather related problems, many happen instantly — like earthquakes, or accumulate over time — like snowstorms and floods. In none of these examples are we faced with the prospect of watching the weather event approaching where all we can think to say is the expletive in your post. Being possibly seconds away from doom and seeing the event unfold would scare the bejesus out of anyone. I’m glad that you escaped that fate.


  3. Theresa-so glad you and yours were unharmed by the events of last weekend. The storm passed our way and did some damage to trees and telephone lines, but fortunately no people were injured.

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