Under The Sea

Whenever I need to remember what is at stake I dive deep under the crest of the waves. Far beneath the blue skies is a magical place made especially for these tiny sea creatures. See how very beautiful they are? It’s as if an artist molded them first, painted them and blew a whisper of breathe into their tiny nostrils. I know they breathe underwater using gills of some sort, but their little noses are so pronounced that it seems as if they would breathe the way a horse does. They are incredible and a wonder to behold.

My advice to myself and to anyone listening is to take just a few minutes, find something wonderful and appreciate it.


10 thoughts on “Under The Sea

  1. Absolutely beautiful!I have an aquarium not real big 26 gallons.It sits at eye level and sometimes I walk up real close and pretend I’m under water,just floating with the fish. Very well written my friend,really beautiful, excellent!

  2. They’re just beautiful. And I really like that it’s the male seahorse that carries the babies! Thank you, Theresa. I had never seen seahorses through your eyes before.

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