Under The Sea

Whenever I need to remember what is at stake I dive deep under the crest of the waves. Far beneath the blue skies is a magical place made especially for these tiny sea creatures. See how very beautiful they are? It’s as if an artist molded them first, painted them and blew a whisper of breathe into their tiny nostrils. I know they breathe underwater using gills of some sort, but their little noses are so pronounced that it seems as if they would breathe the way a horse does. They are incredible and a wonder to behold.

My advice to myself and to anyone listening is to take just a few minutes, find something wonderful and appreciate it.


About Theresa H Hall

As a professional vocalist. licensed broadcaster, artist, published poet, lyricist, writer, essayist, critic, animal lover and budding pastr View all posts by Theresa H Hall

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