Oogavé … We Like!

I received a message one day, about a month ago, from a young lady representing this company, Oogavé. She asked if she could ship me an assortment of soft drinks to try in return for my opinion on how they tasted. I decided to agree since I really needed to find a way to wean myself from all those high fructose beverages I loved to drink.

They arrived two weeks ago and between my husband and I, we drank them up in about ten days. They make these flavors: Grapefruit, Root Beer, Ginger Ale, Key Lime, Watermelon and Cola. I liked the four flavors that I got to drink. I did not try the Key Lime or the Cream, as I had packed them in my husband’s lunch.

Their products are made with Agave Nectar, which is a natural sweetener. I am pleased to say that while the carbonation was much lower than I am used to drinking, the Agave Nectar was very pleasant. I did now experience any bad results from ingesting these drinks, as I have had after drinking other diet, sugar-free or artificially sweetened processed drinks. Irregular heart palpitations, dizziness and an otherwise bad feeling usually accompanied those inferior products.

You can click on this photograph to enlarge it and see what the ingredients are and the nutritional values. and by the last photograph, you can see we had finished all of the sodas, rinsed the bottles, then recycled the cardboard trays and the glass bottles.

They also sent us two T-shirts, included three little buttons and a few coupons for when we go shopping. I gladly give this review and so you understand, this is not a paid endorsement. We both agreed we would like to include them when we buy sodas and that they did taste better than the regular sodas we have consumed for decades. Give this company and their products a try. I think you’ll like them, too.


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