Pasta Revelry

Pasta is fast, inexpensive, has a ton of varieties and is delicious. There have been some pasta dishes I have tasted and even eaten that I have not enjoyed. There is now a huge choice of recipes one may prepare. Once the initial dishes have been cooked they are easy to interchange. These are just three I have made lately and none of them took more than fifteen minutes to make.

For many recipes search here on my site, and also visit Half Hour Meals where you can find lots of authentic Italian and Sicilian pastas to try. You will be delighted by the recipes and by the members who created them.


3 thoughts on “Pasta Revelry

  1. Theresa: I’ve always been a big pasta fan: pasta made from artichokes, spinach (esp. spinach fettuccini.) Because of the Type I Diabetes, I’m back to Brown rice, but the fortified wheat with Protein, Omega 3, and other good stuff is okay. I find the portion can be very small, because you fill up on the Protein and don’t need the carb rush. So I’ll be watching for recipes!
    We had a house network crash, and piecing things together very time-consuming. Also came by to get your bookmark,but I’ve been seeing your posts via emails on my phone. I still owe you a 5-star review. I agree everyone deserves a 5, but I grew up around the old Rockefeller Ctr. before it expanded. It was surrounded (besides my dad’s hotel) by the United Nations of Restaurants. You name it, Irish, Hungarian, Indian (eons before the explosion) Every week, we tried something new. So I do know a little of what I speak. I esp. love your photos. Is that a decent review? Thanks for your work Thersa, Sweet tides, Linda

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