Shaping Hearts

Valentine’s Day is just one week away and there is plenty of time to prepare something nice for the people you want to give a present to, on this special day.

As long as it’s heart-shaped then it should work. It matters not if it is a  pretty rock, seashell, flower, something made from papier-mâché, chocolate, a cake you baked or food you shaped and fried, like a pancake. It might be something you took the time to draw or photographed or simply one of those tiny little cards we used to give in elementary school. The important thing is to have something ahead of time and not leave getting something to the last minute, because that makes the recipient feel like it was the last thing on your mind. Being thoughtful is always appreciated and it shows others that you do not consider them an afterthought.

Valentine’s Day is a Sweetheart’s Day, set aside in order to share love and hugs with those in your life. It is a day to hold hands, get that special necklace or ring for your lady, cook your man an extravagant dessert, bring him his slippers and put on a DVD of a romantic movie, or cut out colored paper hearts and create a centerpiece for your parents, aunts and uncles or grandparents. It is a time to shower your little ones with cuddly bears, make cookies in the kitchen and to teach them about this traditional holiday.

Reds, pinks and lots of chocolates will help make your Valentine’s Day a lovely one and if you want more ideas just check out most February issue magazines and you cannot help but find that perfect gift.

As long as it’s heart-shaped it should work.


5 thoughts on “Shaping Hearts

  1. Upon reading your luscious post, MY afterthought is to slink to the kitchen in search of dark chocolate! Not as good as your hearts, no doubt, but a good second!

    Hope you have a Happy Valentines’ Day, Theresa!

  2. Theresa, how did you make your cupcakes heart-shaped. Is it the pans? Or is it a deep, dark (chocolate) secret? Happy Valentione’s Day!

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