Theresa’s Rum Bread Pudding

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(click the arrow to go faster and looks like a movie)

Visit Half Hour Meals to get my recipe. Here is the recipe for the bread loaf.

We sliced some for our brunch and added heavy cream. Notice how moist the bread is. It is better after it sets up. (I had to add the photos to the first batch in the slide show)



4 thoughts on “Theresa’s Rum Bread Pudding

  1. Wow, Theresa, until I read your article and recipe on Half Hour Meals, and watched the little movie, I thought that bread pudding was this hard, dry mass that would choke me if I gave it a chance. Yours looks wonderful, with an almost custardy consistence toward the bottom. In other words, it looks wonderful. Have you given any more thought to my suggestion that you adopt me?

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