Ovie … Merry Christmas!

We shop at PetSmart a lot. Late last spring, we met the cutest little dog and I snapped photos of him wearing his cool outfit. When I got home, I couldn’t recall his name except for the fact it began with the letter O. I did see him once about ten weeks ago but we were driving out of the parking lot. Well I have been rewarded for my patience. We saw him today while shopping and I recognized him even without his summer costume on. It did surprise me not to find him wearing a leather jacket or a college sweater, but today he was a’la natural. He wags his tail and smiles while we pet him as though he understands he is very hard to resist.

His Mommeh and Daddeh were escorting him and remembered I had taken the photos of Ovie. That’s his name. Apparently Ovie was named for a hockey player. Since I have his name right, I couldn’t wait until Wednesday to post about him because he brought me a lot of joy. Merry Christmas Ovie and Family!

We hope the beautiful German shepherd found a forever home. Ovie was playing with him that day.



5 thoughts on “Ovie … Merry Christmas!

  1. Awesome! We finally made it to this site. Ovie thanks you for the christmas thoughts and hopes you are doing well. Looking forward to seeing you again at petsmart 🙂 these days he is sporting his red winter coat 🙂

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