Sugar Cloud

There is a world

Away from here

Where sugar dances

In the air

Spun around

A bowl of charm

Winding down around

Wisps of feathery dreams

Encased with drama

Exposing her complex identity

Grains of finely ground sugar

Spins rapidly in turns

Frictional heat

Morphed sugar grains

Into cottony yarns

Like fine-spun silk

To mount it round

On paper cone

Turning round and round

Building puffs of sweet

Clouds to eat

A carnival adorned

With spells she tempts

Our waiting tongues

Melting sugar clouds

Inside our mouths


© Theresa H Hall


12 thoughts on “Sugar Cloud

  1. Blown away is not enough to say,overwhelmed falls way short, So I’ll simply say, thank you for being on this earth and doing what you do. And no I don’t say that to all the girls. You as a writer and person are AMAZING, I know took me over a year to say that LOL, Hi to Joe and Happy Holidays.

      • It is no compliment Theresa it is a fact. And glad the wind did not blow you away, keep those led boots on and let the rest of us mind boggle blow you away with the truth of your creative greatness. Which maybe a wee little part of you might believe.

  2. Theresa, I can almost taste the cotton candy. Gosh, it’s been years since I’ve had any and now I wish I could rush right out and buy some! Delicious description.

    • Wow! I’m going to read it all over so I can see your point of view. Perhaps I should rent my writing skills out to authors looking for a cool intro to their new books. “IDEA” 😀

  3. I have very fond memories of clouds and clouds of cotton candy! But one of the things that I remember most about it is the scent. I still find it tempting to stop whenever I catch that delightful aroma.

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