I wish I could fly far away from here

A flight of freedom to relieve my hurt

I wish I could be above it all today

My heart feels squeezed inside

My eyes have wept bitter tears

Stressful calls and hurtful words

Have laid claim upon myself

Having paid heavily for my shortcomings

I lick my wounds like one beaten down

I look all around to escape from this

Theresa H Hall


About Theresa H Hall

As a professional vocalist. licensed broadcaster, artist, published poet, lyricist, writer, essayist, critic, animal lover and budding pastr View all posts by Theresa H Hall

7 responses to “Escapism

  • Frank

    Theresa, These words beautifully describe the feeling of being oppressed by everyone around. It is a heartfelt and intimate poem. It drew me to memories that have not been touched for a very long time.

    Thank you for the poem.

  • Melody J Haislip

    Dude, sounds like your day was much worse than mine. Remember, trite as it sounds, tomorrow IS another day, and it Will get better. I’m sending you big hugs, Melody

    • Frank

      @Melody – I accept the hugs with pleasure. Thank you. It will be better. It has gotten better. You have a way with words, food, and pictures that have brought pleasure, knowledge and hope to me and others who read your blog.

      Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  • Janene Murphy

    Beautiful. Sad, but beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Photodiction

    “Stressful calls and hurtful words
    Have laid claim upon myself”

    The power of words. And the power of speaking the emotions within. Poetry is a wonderful restorative, allowing the emotion we feel to be given breath and substance. Once out, we can examine it, deal with it, and restore our spirit.

  • Theresa H Hall

    Hey Everybody! Wednesday was one of those horrible days but yesterday was so much better and today I am just tired from working like a twenty-two year old. My back really aches. Other than this I am pretty darned good. Hugs all around.

    I will say that writing out what hurts seems to lessen the power and once purged one has a time to reflect and move on. 😀

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