I’m All Worn Out

I’m working with a local caterer over the holidays. I am so ready for the comfy sofa and then my great big bed. It’s been a while since I worked in a professional kitchen and the bending and lifting and hoisting is reminding me why I left the major hotel (where I worked for about two years), a few years ago. It’s intense labor pure and simple. It is also very satisfying, too. Tootles for now and we’ll talk more tomorrow. Hugs from my universe to yours.

P.S. I’m even too tired to eat but I have to anyway. I wonder if my kitties would cook for me tonight. Right!

P.S.S. Meow they said “No Meow! No Cookee for Mommee, Meow.


2 thoughts on “I’m All Worn Out

  1. I used to work in restaurants when I was finishing college. It’s darned hard work. Yet it has its own aesthetic. I used to want to photograph all those shiny, amber honey pitchers with silver lids, and the sparkling dishes lined up on shelfs. And the desserts, of course.

    But I know it’s totally exhausting and when you get home , the last thing you want to do is make food!

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