Almost Finished Barbra

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If you look back into my archives, last August 2009, is when I began this creation. I was so taken with the photograph on the cover of the Sunday Parade newspaper insert, that I was compelled to draw, color and paint Barbra’s portrait. She’s always bringing us her talent and I wanted to spend quality time with her, other than listening to her sing.

She was on Oprah’s show about ten days ago and the cover of her new album is the same photograph that I have been working on. Hope you enjoy it. Cannot wait to see it finished, which should be within a week. Going to add some more small detailing for balance. Then a spray to protect it and get it framed under glass.


19 thoughts on “Almost Finished Barbra

  1. It looks truly lovely. And I ask you again, is there anything you can’t do? I’m SO impressed. I have no artistic talent at all. Luckily for me, I have a beautiful soul! LOL

    • I liked the progression myself. From August (a few days work then) to looking at it in my curio cabinet beneath glass, to actually commencing on it again is a process and apparently it has its own timing. Not good to rush a piece that, in the end, needs to convey so much. Your work is outstanding, too! 🙂

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