Jazz Clowns

My Jazz Clowns

Today’s Toils.


2 thoughts on “Jazz Clowns

  1. Theresa, clowns have always frightened me. There must be a deeply suppressed clown trauma somewhere in my haunted past. 🙂 That would explain why even your colorful clowns make me uneasy.

    I do have one question for you, since Pablo is not around to ask. Where did he, and do you, find your models? I ask because I’ve never seen any actual people who look like this. I’m interested in case I ever decide to branch out into a career in modern art. btw, I love the guys in your “The Sneaky Eats Band”. You have to have one of the most interesting sites around!

  2. Melody,
    I have a strange feeling about clowns myself. When Joe saw them, he liked them and then exclaimed “Hey they look like us!’ Just because he is so much taller. Besides my head isn’t egg-shaped. Ha!

    I am always astounding myself. Something inside really needed to get out. 🙂

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