Nighty-Night to one and all. It is time for dreaming and rest. Tomorrow is an early day but I will be around in the afternoon. I hope you have pleasant dreams and a wonderful Wednesday.

My late Mother was a great lover of owls and she had a collection of them. I want to say that this little owl is in the top three of my favorite owl picks. If Our Heavenly Father puts this much work into this little owl, how much more does He love us?

Thank You Father for all of the blessings You have bestowed upon us and for all of the blessings of which we are unaware.


4 thoughts on “Nighty-Night

  1. Beautiful picture. I love owls. I have a story about an owl. It sat upon the top of a chimney of a hotel in Manitou Springs, CO USA. I was sitting on the porch and watched for a few minutes. I was drawn to it and even asked the employees if it was real. They smiled and said they did not know. I asked the valet to go to my van and bring in my camera equipment contained in a black hard case and a tripod. When the attendant returned with the equipment I set it up on the porch next to my table. I attached a large lense to the camera and set it on the tripod. Looking through the lense I could see it was not a live owl but a fake one to chase away the pegions. I felt like a fool. I was embarassed. I chuckled and laughed. There was nothing else I could do. I invited the waitress and valet to look for themselves. Then we all laughed and I had a fabulous lunch.

    • Frank, is it possible you are my lost brother? That seems like such a Me thing to do. I want to touch the little owl in the picture. His feathers look so amazingly soft!

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