Thankful For So Much

November is a great time to reflect about the direction my life is taking, what I have achieved through the year and those instances where I could use improvement. Keeping myself in check is a most helpful way to live. It encourages me to go for my dreams and yet it also helps to make certain I am conducting myself in a favorable way. Whether it be in my busy social life, at home in my personal life or mixing with others in my work life, it is extremely important that I treat others with respect, kindness, tolerance and understanding. Mental checks reminds me to listen to someone’s point of view, and sometimes to withhold my comments, in case I could make someone feel uncomfortable. I do not want to judge people. I would much rather live my life encouraging others and seeing the brighter side of things. There is so much turmoil in the world that it is difficult to remember, that even though it’s a jungle out there, inside where my spirit is hidden this place needs to be serene, creative, peaceful and beautiful. When things go wrong or I feel let down and might want to toss in the proverbial towel, I thank my heavenly Father that He has bestowed upon me the grace to stand up time-after-time, no matter how many knocks life offers me. My spirit within is what I am most thankful for.


5 thoughts on “Thankful For So Much

  1. Thanks for stopping by Daily Spiritual Tools. There truly are so many things to be thankful for. I enjoyed your post. I think I am most thankful for the ability to choose how I want to react. Not that I make the right choice every time, but at least I have the choice. Namaste, Sherry

    • Sherry,

      Really nice to connect with you. I believe as you do, that we can react or not react. And when we do there is then the choice to react favorable or negatively.

      I am going to make it my New Year’s Resolution to surround myself with like-minded people just to see how much better things turn out. It will be an experiment if nothing else … but I expect the best outcome … after all … It’s my choice. 😀

      Stop by am often as you like.


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