Self Examination: Coffee 101

Today I noticed the way I drink coffee. I came up with a few questions and decided to interview myself on this subject.

Question: At what age did you start drinking coffee?

Answer: I remember my late Mother offering me a taste of her coffee via a small teaspoon. It seemed exciting she was letting me try something new, but I soon found out that it seemed pretty nasty. I scrunched up my mouth and shuddered as the bitter liquid went down my throat. I wondered why anyone would want to drink this terrible tasting stuff.

Later in life I refused coffee, stating I preferred Pepsi (now it’s Coke), or anything cold to the dreaded coffee or tea. I didn’t drink tea until I was twenty-nine, and that was only because I was in need of something hot to soothe my throat and strained vocal chords. I had another performance that evening and since the waiter at the Chinese restaurant left the thick ceramic cup, sans handles, on the table along with a pot of steaming tea, I decided to end my longtime battle with the herb drink and took a taste. Even though it took me close to an hour to sip my way through two tiny cups, it really helped soothe my throat. I only drink it black or plain.

Back to the coffee. I suppose I drank it at a Denny’s Restaurant late night/early morning, after my band played a night club. We stopped for a quick bite to eat and I was feeling not only exhausted, but weary. I had been holding down a full-time day job and singing six nights a week. Seven more days to fulfill my obligation to my boss, and then I would just be working at nighttime. I couldn’t wait.

Mother went with me to the gigs, and she also had to get up to go to work in a few hours. She recommended strong coffee with cream and sugar. I drank down two cups. It sure did the job and we made it home safely, slept away the exhaustion and made it to our respective jobs on time. Coffee became my go-to drink for energy and stay-awake power. So, I was twenty-four when I drank my first cup of coffee.

Question: You have a special mug; heavy ceramic, creamy white, from Starbuck’s. Must you drink from this mug or do you have other vessels from which to enjoy your brew?

Answer: I’ll name them for you.

  1. Starbuck’s
  2. Mickey Mouse
  3. Ideas Project Cup (it shows the design after the hot liquid is poured in)
  4. L’Academie de Cuisine 30th Anniversary (my culinary school)
  5. Daisy The Curly Cat (the most precious fashionista kitty in the world)

I usually use the Starbuck’s mug as it holds about two full cups of coffee. One of these takes me through the day.

Question: How long does it take you to drink your cup of joe?

Answer: The first half goes rather quickly. The last half is the part I take my time over. The first sip allows my brain to say AH. The second sip brings out the UM and by the third I am drinking large swallows. I sometimes get side-tracked; taking care of home, husband and pets, then I end up heating the coffee in the microwave. this way I get the UM all over again.

I can stretch this process out and sip on the last remnants in the mug for a few hours, by taking tiny little sips and measuring the time in-between with reading, writing, researching or playing a few games of solitaire. I especially enjoy thumbing through the Style section of The Washington Post. I read the horoscope, the comic strip, “Mutts”, and sharpen three number two pencils in order to solve the daily Sudoku puzzle. These games are small interludes I use to relax my mind and start thinking about what I am in the middle of writing, or mind grazing for new titles and ideas.

Question: Are you addicted to coffee?

Answer: No. However, I need caffeine. Coffee – Tea – Sodas … they all work for me.


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22 responses to “Self Examination: Coffee 101

  • BiggJ

    1. I didn’t start until a few years ago. I never drank much coffee until I was about 25. Now I drink it almost daily.

    2. I have a Starbucks mug at home that holds more coffee than the other so I use that when its clean. I really don’t care either way though; I’ll use anything.

    3. Depemds on the day anywhere from 5 minutes to 3 hours.

    $. Possibly. I don’t ever get cravings but I do ge headaches sometimes if I don’t have a cup by mid-afternoon.

  • Frank Brinkman

    1. I started in the military at 18. I started with cream and sugar and quickly changed to black. When working at IBM I began to drink 8 cups in the morning and 6 to 8 the rest of the day. I had it with supper and watching TV. Now that I am retired I have reduced my usage to 2 cups in the morning. The coffee needs to be dark roast and very hot.
    2. My older brother gave me a mug. It is the only one I use. If it is dirty I will rinse it out and refill it. The decals have worn off. There is a slight crack in the cup, but it does not leak so I still use it. It is black and some composite material not ceramic.
    3. I drink the first cup in less than a couple minutes and then sip the second to about 1/2 cup.
    4. Yes, addicted to coffee.. Going from 15/20 cups to 2 cups resulted in withdrawls symptoms of headaches and shakes. If I miss the morning coffee I still get a small headache definitely not like the ones earlier in my life.


    • Theresa H Hall

      Frank! You used to drink coffee the way I guzzled (my late Mother’s words), sodas. I find I can quickly fall back into the soda trap. The mug you describe seems as precious to you as does my pillow. 😀

  • catherine

    Dear Theresa,

    I began drinking coffee as a little girl. My father would give me a little cup with a piece of thick crusty Italian bread to dip in it and I have loved coffee ever since. Hope someday that we can have a cup of coffee together. Blessings, Catherine

  • Melody J Haislip

    I didn’t drink coffee till I was 31-1/2 and tried the Atkins diet the first time. Coffee was one of the things I was allowed, so I creamed and sweetened it and got it down. It took a while, but I began to like it and look forward to my first cup of the day. I recently purchased an AeroPress French press coffee maker, and now I use the same amount of coffee that I used to use to make two cups of drip coffee in one cup of the French press coffee. For the most part that seems to satisfy my craving for caffeine, and I drink water the rest of the day, plus a glass of orange juice for potassium! I have various favorite mugs I use, and I bought a Christmas mug at our local dollar store, called the “Dollar Tree”, just the other day.

  • ropcorn

    1. I don’t remember really when I started, hm? I think I was in my early teens though.

    2. No. Any cup is allright, as long as there is coffee in it 🙂

    3. Probably around 15 minutes (per cup), I usually drink 1-2 cups every day.

    4. I don’t think so? But I love to drink coffee between 9-11 AM, and if I don’t get my coffee I do miss it. However, I can go days without coffee – if I absolutely have to…

    Take care,

    • Theresa H Hall

      Alexandra, Hello and welcome to my SKKD site. I can also go without coffee as long as I have the caffeine jolt from a soda. I love drinking water, too as it’s what our bodies need to have. Hope to visit your site as well. 😀

  • Egaladeist

    I started drinking coffee as a very young teenager when tea went up in price and coffee became cheaper to drink at one of the places where we hung out.

    Am I addicted? Probably…I suppose the only way I’d find out is if I quit caffeine-laced beverages. And I don’t plan to do that any time soon. 😀

  • Ismail N

    I don’t remember when I started drinking coffee but I know now that I’m addicted to coffee. I don’t have any preferred choice but I do spend more time @ StarBuck than any other coffee shops. I feel very difficult to start working every morning without having a cup of a coffee first. Always wondering if I can curb this addiction. I have managed to quit smoking before, but stop drinking coffee? Not sure I can do it… 😀

    • Theresa H Hall

      Hello Ismail and welcome to my world. You don’t need to stop drinking coffee however, you might want to curtail the amount of coffee, just to see how that works for you. We never know how something will work for us until we try. Cheers! 😀

  • Glen Graham II

    I wasn’t allowed to drink coffee as a child my parents made it seem like using drugs. So as an adult I tried it once but that’s it. I actually enjoyed the taste but I feel guilty when I drink it because I was raised not to drink it lol.

  • Theresa H Hall

    Nice to see you here Glen. I completely understand feeling guilty doing something our Parents told us not to do when we were under their care. Stop feeling guilty and drink at least one cup of coffee a month. Enjoy it. Life is to be enjoyed. 😛

  • Judie

    I must have a cup as soon as I get up each morning. I will usually have two more, but cannot tolerate caffeine after around 10 a.m. Then I become an herb tea person. I usually use my “Jane Avril” coffee mug, but switch to a different one for my tea.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I like your blog.

  • Lynda Lehmann

    I remember my parents and grandparents drinking coffee constantly and almost like a ritual. It seemed to be a VERY important activity, with a sense of purpose and almost solemnly pursued. I was really tickled the day they gave me a bit in a cup, maybe only half an inch. But I was allowed to dunk my toast in it and it tasted so good. I was only about four, but Ive actually liked it since way back then.

    Any kind is okay, and I love it enough to drink it all day. But if I have more than two cups, I’ll be up all night!

  • Luke

    I’ll admit it, I am addicted to coffee. I’ve found a way to use this to my benefit. We don’t keep any coffee at home (I work from home), so each morning I head out for a 2.5 mile round trip walk to the nearest place that sells it. The 30 minutes of low impact exercise and a nice cup of coffee it a great start to the day. 🙂

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