Simple Syrup With Fruits

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Simple Syrup With Fruits

Use clean granulated sugar

2 cups sugar

2 cups water

Fruits, washed, peeled, cored and sliced.

Star Anise or anise seeds, cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans (examples of spices)

You can also add liquors, brandies, rums, and whiskies that pair well with the fruits you have chosen to use.

1) Combine water and sugar (more, if desired, but in equal portions), into a stainless saucepan.

2) Sir until sugar is dissolved and make certain there is no sugar on the insides of the pan (above the mixture).

3) Turn heat to high and stir a bit more.

4) Stop stirring and allow to come to a full boil.

5) Add fruits and turn heat to low.

6) Cut a round of parchment paper, cutting some slits to vent.

7) Carefully place the parchment lid on top of the fruit. Press down.

8) Allow the fruits and syrup to become acquainted.

9) Remove from heat and after allowed to cool down, remove the apples and pour into a heavy glass container.

10) Add anise seeds and stir.

* If you have star anise, add four or five along with the fruits, during the cook time.

Simple syrup will keep for a good while, and may be used for many purposes. To sweeten drinks, brushed onto cake layers to help keep moist. Brushed onto the tops of fruit tarts.


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5 responses to “Simple Syrup With Fruits

  • Frank Brinkman

    The water and sugar was the simple syrup Mom used to make our pancake syrup. On occasion she would add cinammon stick to the mix and just a drop or two of vanilla. We were too poor in those days to have maple or store bought syrup.

    The recipe you have shown makes my mouth water for the fruits.

    Thanks for the memories and the recipe..


    Hi Theresa, =)
    That looks good. Would the recipe work well with berries also?

    • Theresa111

      Yes, Add the berries to the syrup, once it has cooled down to a moderate temperature. Then remove the berries and place into a separate glass container. add a little simple syrup to the berries and use the same day, for softer berries, say strawberries, when they are wet they tend to lose their composition. I would definitely lean toward not soaking them too long so as to keep the firmness and integrity of the fruit, berries.

  • Marilyn

    What a nice blog you have here. Keep it up!

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