Blue Moons and Crabs

Isn’t she lovely? This female blue crab was posing in 2007, on the sandy shores of the Gulf Coast. She has her protective shell surrounding her inner-self. When she wants something she does not go forward in a straight line, but she moves delicately and rhythmically from left to right, until she reaches her quarry.

I feel like this sometimes and for the past two weeks, I have been hiding away in my protective shell. I’ve been in a state of denial, allowing mindful thought to push away the world. I took up my sketching pencils, pastels, watercolors and soon now, I will remove the tops from my oil paints.

What do you do when you take a few days or weeks to be alone, in your own induced solitaire? I find that I re-group, sink low, rebound and refresh myself. Writing and creating is something that comes from within and it can be pushed and pressed into an article or story, but it shows. Taking a breath and finding renewed purpose is sage advice, even if I am the one telling myself to do this. I must listen so I will recover and increase in value. We are all of us valuable and it is necessary to understand these qualities must be nurtured.


7 thoughts on “Blue Moons and Crabs

  1. Beautifully written. I like the description of how the femaile blue crab approaches her quarry. chuckle chuckle.. I am delicately moving back and forth slowly approaching my easle and paints also.. The journey has taken months. chuckle chuckle.

    When alone I read and read some more. When my eyes hurt, I go to my homeoffice and wirewrap semi-precious stones into necklace. When my fingers are tired I pick up my sketch pen and open my personal journal. Notice there is no painting…

    • “And it is easy to admire the perfection God has in all the living art He has made.” an wonderful understatement. Yes, When it is right it flows from the Power to mind to hands to act of documenting the creation whether it is a story, painting, or other things.

      I know I will get to that canvas at just the right time.

      Thanks and Blessings,

  2. I am sending you empathy, understanding, and nurturing, Theresa!

    I call it going to “Ground Zero,” a phrase I used before the tragic events of 09-11. It’s so necessary to re-group and refresh–and after all, each of us is our own best friend.

    Wishing you new creative energy!

    The crab photo is gorgeous.

    I’m glad you took out your art supplies and in an interesting synchrony, I pulled out my paints today, for the first time in many months!

  3. Hang in there, Theresa. This, too, shall pass. Since I have no skills with a brush or paints, I take my creativity out in writing. Hope things are better soon, for all of us.

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