Magical Mama Teesa

I have a magic wand and have had for many a year. When the good vibrations are in the air I can channel them into my wand and grant wishes. Wishes are a funny thing and I do not mean to say they are humorous, but rather the opposite. How many times in your life have you wished you had wishes, a fairy mother, or a genie that would pop out of a bottle? Come on … I know everyone has wondered what it would be like to have this happen. The odds of them coming true at all seems to outweigh the whimsical delight of thinking about how we would turn our very lives around. You may even have heard someone say “to be careful what you wish for”.

Over the coming week I am asking people to tell me what they want as a wish, and I am going to grant two wishes. Why two? At times, I have a hard time deciding and this way, I will feel more inclined to take twice the pleasure and not debate with myself afterwards, whether or not I make the correct choice. You do not have to be a deserving person in order to be chosen. You must simply agree to be quite certain that what you are wishing will be well planned out, and that you will be happy with the results.

Please leave me a message as to your wish and at the end of the week, I shall use my wand to grant these wishes. I have experience in these matters and have been told that it actually worked. Now remember, think very, very carefully before you ask.


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10 responses to “Magical Mama Teesa

  • Tricia

    I wish for a vacation. Nothing fancy. Just a week off to nap, read and write. Sounds like heaven. 😉

  • McMarquis

    Considering the saying careful what you wish for, Life is a long journey, really wish for all my life dreams and yours to come true eventhough they are as gigantic as gigantic itself.

  • fazrul arhan

    In a short term,i wish to meet my soulmate..this is not to much? Lol..:)

  • Frank

    What a neat idea to have wishes that could come true. Yes, I have wished on the first star of the evening. I have wished on a shooting star. I have private wishes and publicly known wishes. I have wishes I do not want to come true and wishes I dearly want to come true. One wish for myself and many wishes for others. I have small or minute wishes and global wishes. Your question and offer has brought the pleasure of ruminating through my wishes and dreams. What a wonderful gift you have given to me and your readers!

    If I would want one wish to come true it would not be for me. for Yes I could say for my daughter who is bedridden with health issues. I could say for health of a brother who has been 4 severe heart attacks. Yet, I do not ask either of those. I know there are others that have much more need of a wish to come true. The most deserving I know of is Steven M. who is dire need of a liver transplant. He has rare blood type and a complication that further limits his possibilities.

    I give my wish for a friend, Steven M. to have a successful liver transplant. I have been praying for him to get his transplant for 2 1/2 years. His quality of life is diminishing and his hospital stays increasing in frequency and length.

    Thank you.

  • Corinne Rodrigues

    You’re such a delight, Theresa! Okay here are my wishes:

    1. That your wish for yourself be granted.
    2. That I become a better writer.

    Now I’m waiting, and hoping and yes – wishing!

  • Ladygoodwood

    For the last 12 months, I have been doing all I can to help Kay, a still sufering alcoholic. She is a lovely, gentle and very unwell young woman and skating on the thinnest ice I have seen for many years. She blacks-out and then self-harms. Last month she severed her achilles tendon with a bread knife.

    I often say to her, “Kay if I had a magic wand, there is no-one I would wave it for more”. So dear Theresa, you have a magic wand.
    I wish with all my heart that Kay can quit the drink once and for all and start a new, sober life.

  • Daisy the Curly Cat

    1. I wish every cat would have a Forever home
    2. I wish Harley would stop ruining my good times!

  • Deray

    I want a man who loves me, values me and respects me. I could write all the qualities I would like him to have but, I think I’m done being picky. I just really want to be loved and love back ;-).

  • Deray

    Ok, I’ll tweak! I want Germanman to love me and want me for life. I want him to be as passionate about me as he is about his job and his hobbies. I want him not to care about citizenship but give our relationship a real chance.

  • Melody J Haislip

    Oops, I think I missed the cutoff by one day. Hope you will consider my wish as well, which is for my son to find the love of his life and to be successful and happy in his career. These things would make me happier than I can say.

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