Stepping Away

Sometimes to keep ones’ perspective it becomes necessary to step away. Just like a good painting, when you take a step back, perhaps even a few, the picture becomes better and more appealing. Like not seeing the forest for the trees, stepping away can add much value to the way a surrounding is seen.

On and off in this writers’ life, stepping away is a fabulous way to see the different viewpoint, make a new discovery, find new allure to what one does on a daily basis. Sometimes I get so drawn in to daily drama, that I tend to get roped in and forget why I am different from everyone else. We are alike in that we all have purpose, but just like teenagers sometimes are fond of doing, they hang with the crowd and forget their individualism.

I stepped away and now I am refreshed, and have a lot to share. I look forward to this upcoming season, and hope we may all join together and bring our individualism to the table. I love a wide variety of conversation, food and wines. This is going to be a wonderful Autumn and festive holiday season. Cheers!


5 thoughts on “Stepping Away

  1. Stepping away provides a view of the ruts we build. Some are habit and delaying growth. Some are trails leading curiously somewhere interesting. Others are new needs that must be followed squeezing out time used for other interesting ruts. I have had to blockade a few ruts to move on to make new roads. Good luck… Please continue to share your mouth watering meals..


  2. Oh I will Frank. I cooked for three hours today, in lieu of my sister’s visit tomorrow, before she returns to the West Coast.

    I used this photograph to emphasis how when you are too close to something, you only see it in one way.

  3. Sometimes we all need to “step away”, Theresa, for renewal and perspective. It is a healthy thing to do, I firmly believe. What a good sister you are, cooking for her for three hours! I won’t do that till Thanksgiving and the not again till Christmas. I love the holidays too.

    Beautiful photo….

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