Joy of Macaroons

If you have never tasted one of these almond based cookies, you are in for a treat. Their exterior is crunchy and once it had been breached, the next sensation is that of chewy into the center an the combination is sheer joy. They come in many flavors and much of the time the buttercream centers have been flavored with a paste, such as; pistachio or hazelnut. Also used for the center is ganache` and a geléed jam, like raspberry.

The recipe is simple to make, but the technique is what will make or break your cookie … your little macaroon. They come tiny and large, too. Either way, you will want to eat lots of them because they are perhaps France’s most perfect cookie.


10 thoughts on “Joy of Macaroons

  1. Everything you post about food looks scrumptious! and your photos are amazing. I think I get my daily caloric intake just looking at these delicacies. I may actually order some of the Macaroons for the holidays!

  2. They look just like the ones I bought at the Galeries Layafette in Paris. Every mouthful was amazing! Now I’m “homesick” .

  3. You seriously should open your Patisserie. I’m French, I currently live in New York and I can honestly say that it’s extremely rare to come across real French pastries, even in French owned places. Yes, in NYC! 99% of the time they are flavorless Americanized versions. If you can make your own bread… you’re in business. I have yet to find a single place in the big apple that sells good bread. And I’ve tried to find one… Part of it is the use of second grade flour I am told (I guess this may need to be imported), the rest I don’t know… it’s a mystery to me, it’s not THAT complicated. From your pictures, you’re doing something right.

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