Sleep Helps Us Function

Sleep makes the world go round. When you haven’t had enough you might feel tired, out of sorts, slow-witted and not very enthusiastic. Humans sleep about a fourth of their life away, but with good reason. We must sleep in order to function properly.

There was a recent program on the television about sleep deprivation and getting behind the wheel of an automobile. Drivers who have not gotten enough sleep are just as dangerous as a very drunk driver. If you are tired, don’t drive.

Yesterday I had but two hours of sleep and when my relative came to visit, I was lacking in the fun-time I had envisioned. Well, I made up for it last night and when we meet on Saturday, we will have a grand time. Glad I get another chance to share new memories with her.


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5 responses to “Sleep Helps Us Function

  • Lydia

    This is so true, and a wonderful reminder. I slept only four hours last night and I am worthless today. A regular sleep pattern is important to develop (and that is one of my goals).

    Sweet dreams!

  • John

    In the past when I was working a corporate job, I started doing ‘power naps’. For survival purposes it works, but years later I find it necessary to schedule my sleep for at least seven hours a night.

    Oh…and the naps too! 🙂

  • Melody J Haislip

    After two weeks at 3 hours ahead of myself, I am getting back into the rhythm of Pacific time. I needed a few naps, too, but I’m almost caught up now. Oops, I just remembered that in about two weeks we’re going to go off of daylight savings time and gain back the hour we lost in the Spring. My poor body clock! 😦

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