The Social Network

I don’t know all of the players names, nor the characters, except Mark and Eduardo. Their friendship is what captivated me and the flash-fast minds these apparent geniuses possess. The rate of technical speak they were throwing around had me holding onto the armrests of my theatre seat. The actors did their jobs … even the extras were perfect. I know many people would only see a bunch of college kids partying and really involved in their own popularity. I saw much more.

The underlying feel that stayed with me was the bare-boned fact that Mark felt the twins mistreated him by not inviting him in through the front door of their elite club. They wanted the power of his brains and the knowledge to be the roots of their ideas. Ideas they couldn’t and never did implement. I am in accord with Mark that he thumbed his nose at them after stringing them along, instead of giving them a flat refusal to work for (not with) them. I totally got it.

The fact that Mark was brutally honest, which equated to mental cruelty and devaluation of first his girlfriend, and then his best friend, was more of a defensive gesture that they did not understand. Since I don’t want to spoil the movie for you, I strongly urge you to go see it. It is fast-paced, intelligent, clever and I cannot get it out of my head. I was impressed with the writing and the story. I wanted more, even after the credits were rolling. There can be a sequel in another year or two and I bet it will be as well received as this one has been. It isn’t just a college movie. Oh No. This is a Social Networking movie and not only is it chock-full of interesting data, it is history in the making!

Rating A+ (I will be seeing this a few more times on the big screen)


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