October My Favorite Month!

The month of October is like having thirty-one Fridays in a row. Fridays are my favorite day of the week because it means that it is party time, the weekend is almost here and many friends and family gather to share good times. October is the time when the weather changes, food becomes a great topic of conversation and the upcoming holidays are just around the corner.

October is a time of food feasts, beer-fests, open markets, schoolbooks, leaves to be raked, pies to be baked and Halloween costumes to be decided upon. Bazaars also come to mind, yard sales, auditions for school plays and choral rehearsals. What would we do without the month of October? It is a great time to allow all of the nostalgic moments to come rushing in. It can be a time of reflection and putting things behind us and also a time of new beginnings.


3 thoughts on “October My Favorite Month!

  1. I agree October is a fabulous month. The colors of the trees and the mild temperatures add to my joy. I wish I could send you a couple of photos of the quaking aspens in Colorado..

  2. I love October too. The weather is still warm and the changing colors of the leaves makes the landscape a tapestry. I take my morning walks a little later than I did a month ago, and love seeing how well everyone’s melons, pumpkins and squash are growing in their gardens.

  3. October is one of my favorite months. The air is cool and brisk, and I seem to have more energy with which to appreciate the lovely fall weather and the living tapestry of the trees. This year it’s also definitely a time of new beginnings, and I’m so ready!

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