What An Angle

Who thought up this flower? It’s tremendous and quite heavy. I know there are places in Italy that have fields and fields of sunflowers growing rampant. It has to be one of my very favorites and if I were to become a flower, it would surely be this one. It is the happiest flower I have ever seen.


4 thoughts on “What An Angle

  1. But you’re already a flower.♪.♫♥♪. ♫♥♪.♫

    It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who like these pretty sunflowers. There’s a reason they’re called sunflowers becouse her heads follow the sun. Anyway, they are a wonderful addition to any gardens offering fascinating colors and best of all, tempting treats for the backyard birds.lol

    Wishing you a Sunny Life always!

    Same Dy,

  2. In Turkish the ‘sunflower’ is not the ‘sunflower’.
    It is the ‘moon flower’. And it has also three other names in the language of Turkish people:

    Gün çiçeği: Day flower
    Güne bakan: Facing the day
    Gün döndü: The day turned

    [ What (like) a story of a flower!
    They are not just a name…]


  3. I have flown over what seemed like hundreds of fields of sunflowers in France. It was on my first trip, and I couldn’t imagine what brilliant yellow crop they could be growing in such huge numbers. Imagine my surprise when I found out it was sunflowers. I must confess, however, that I find huge sunflowers rather threatening. I simply prefer my flowers shorter than I am.

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