The Service Department

Even though today is a milestone in my relationship with my husband (it’s our first-kiss anniversary), here we sit in the service department of the Volkswagen dealership. Auto maintenance and repairs are always something that, while important and necessary, they tend to pop up when one least expects it.

After $1,800.00 in repairs just a few months ago, last month he brought the VW into get a routine oil change. Guess what … another projected $1,100.00 in repairs and four new tires. Oh boy! Well keeping the little Beetle in good running order is essential and a good safety measure.

In the spring it was brakes. In the fall it is tires. It always comes as a bit of a shock when you have been told the price (parts and labor), is one amount, only to be told that it is in fact, $257.00 more.

Now it’s a very good thing I came along because my husband sat there and took it. The price increase, I mean. Whoa! I jump into action, whip out the written estimate and advise the young man that just yesterday afternoon, I spoke with Francis and she confirmed both prices. The guy says he’d check on it.

About 45 minutes later I meet with him and he claims we were quoted the correct amount, but for the incorrect part. Oh, they made a mistake … that department will have to eat the difference, because they will honor the written quote. Great!

Now as I sit here writing about this little drama, I wonder how many of you out there would have just taken it? The price increase, I mean. And how many of you would have taken the reins and driven another outcome?


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2 responses to “The Service Department

  • Frank -icare2be

    Congratulations on your first kiss anniversary.. Cherishing these moments refreshes the love shared between with your hstband.

    Regarding the repair.. 3 cheers for you.. Estimates are made to be honored. Otherwise there would be too many scammers in business.

  • Melody J Haislip

    I’m not sure it would have occurred to me to fight them on it. I’m glad you stuck to your guns and refused to pay the extra $257. Brava, Theresa!

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