Fridays For Freedom

I’d like to think that the contemplative look on her face was due to a reflective moment she might have shared with another. We are surrounded by beauty, bombarded with it. No matter how many times every day I get to witness it, I am always humbled by the fact that, while our world may turn topsy-turvy now and again, we are incredibly enriched by our immediate surroundings.

With the exception of today’s, last hurrah, 96º weather, the coverings have been removed from the skylights and at night, around 3 AM, the moon and stars or clouds drift by, while I am enclosed inside the condo, perched atop a whirling world spacecraft. A living, recycling planet that is taking us on her long voyage.

Stop and smell the roses that still bloom. Watch the colors burst forth from within the surrounding trees. See the squirrels gather nuts from the ground. Listen to the sound of birds overhead as they begin their flight south. The sounds of Autumn, and the fact we are alive to witness them gives us a freedom to be. Fridays for freedom to share our own beauty with The Universe.


7 thoughts on “Fridays For Freedom

  1. She looks as if she’s all dressed up for your Friday night party. Love the hat/headdress. They just don’t make ’em like that any more. Here’s to Beauty, in all her forms!

  2. I love this picture!♥ Yes! You have right.
    Let us enjoy each new day and have more fun before this day, today, tomorow, after tomorow
    ….and a huge chocolate doesn’t hurt either to have it at hand.. 🙂

    All the Best in your life!


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