Captain Picard We Need You!

Where are these people when you need them? I have come to the conclusion that the reason so many people love Star Trek (all versions), is because in the future no one uses money, nor is anyone lacking in the barest necessities of life; food, shelter and clothing. Plus, it seems everyone goes to school and academy, or college, because education is also free. Learning is encouraged and humanoids from all walks of the universe are embraced, rather than scorned. That is unless they are troublemakers but that would be the premise for another episode.

the whole point is that in a world of plentiful abundance we need to stop destroying our resources and start teaching people to grow and be self-reliant. We need to educate, clothe, feed and help build homes for them. Either push up our sleeves and help, or do the right thing and donate something on a very regular basis. is hosting Stand Up and Make Noise and grab the attention of The United Nations (MDGS). See below.

To provide an opportunity for Bloggers to MAKE NOISE to impact the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Review Summit this September

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Review Summit will be held on 20-22 September 2010, in New York. This is a High-level Plenary Meeting the General Assembly of the United Nations to review how the promise to End Poverty by 2015 is faring. Stand Up Take Action End Poverty (SUTA) working with the EndPoverty2015 Millennium Campaign are mobilizing for three days prior beginning Friday September 17th till Sunday 19th. The big push will be this September 18th, 2010 for One Day of Unified Global Action taking an idea from the Africa Campaigners Retreat held in Malawi, to “Make Noise for the MDGs!”

The purpose is to encourage people all over the world to take part in common global actions which are designed to grab public, political and media attention and to make sure that the global movement in support of the MDGs are seen and heard in every corner of the globe.

* Please visit and sign up and write about this event. Make some noise.



3 thoughts on “Captain Picard We Need You!

  1. Yes, Theresa, if only Captain Picard could come and save us, but he’s doing, I think it’s a car rental commercial right now, so he’s a little busy. If only.

    I love what you said about all humanoids being accepted. I’d be delighted if we could all agree right here on Earth that we’re all ONE Race! Standing up and making noise sounds like an excellent idea!

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