Can You See The Beauty?

I wonder what she was thinking as she stood frozen for a second in her dance. She looks like a satisfied woman who is looking into the distant future and seeing exactly where she is headed. Or perhaps she is thinking about a lover who is far away at sea and hoping he can feel her tamped down fires of passions. Whichever it might be there is no denying how lovely this young woman is.

Even though I didn’t snap this shot, had I been present and holding a camera, I surely would have caught this expression, too. There is beauty all around us. One cannot leave their immediate area without having beauty surround them. That we do not always stop to look about us carefully is undeniable. Too many times we takes these things for granted. We are in a rush We are complacent with the things we are used to or have grown accustomed to ignore. What fickle creatures we are. We ignore things as we tire of them. Just like children who discard their toys, we toss things, even people aside and search for the next interesting thing, or fling, or attention grabbing item just around the corner.

is it any wonder there are uncountable stars, grains of sand, subjects, inventions, colors, skin types, decisions, choices? We are intellectual beings and we’re on a living planet. What a wondrous world it is. the next time you leave your house, really stop and look at the intricate possibilities and blades of grass, trees, bushes that are teeming with life and register all of the beauty that is awaiting you. Just like the beauty of this dancer, the world is a beautiful place.


8 thoughts on “Can You See The Beauty?

  1. I am a people watcher. I cannot tell you how often I have stood in the background and watched people and imagined what they were thinking, dreaming, or doing. The posture and attentiveness of woman is intriguing.

    It is nice to know I am not alone in this world. Thank you for sharing your watchfulness. This morning the honey bees were at work on the flowers in my front yard just off the porch. I could smell the freshness of the morning as I picked up the newspaper.

    Thank goodness I could not smell the forest fire outside of Boulder.

    thank you for a few moments of escape to reality.

  2. Frank,
    I am troubled by the fires in Colorado and am so sorry for the missing people, their families, their homes and the neighbors, too.

    I am an avid watcher because there is so many things to watch and look at. We are very blessed. Thanks for your comments.

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