Crocheting 101

So I was watching a learn to crochet video but I messed up. I didn’t figure out the square thinamagiggy and so I made up my own style. Now it seems I have made something to serve a breakfast egg in. The color is very pretty. I need to practice some more and then get someone to show me how to make the granny squares.

I want to just do it. I don’t want to lose heart for this project. The baby will be arriving any minute now and I want to make her something cool. I need help!

Update: The baby … she is a week late. Our beautiful niece is going to be a lovely new Mommy!

Update: If Baby doesn’t come soon, tomorrow New little Mommy will be induced. Prayers for Divine Order and perfect, Healthy Delivery and all is well! Thank you Father!


2 thoughts on “Crocheting 101

  1. I think you can do it. You have some sort of thing going on there! 🙂 Holler my way if you need help. I can even call you up or you call me and I’ll help you with your crochet. I’m sure you’ll do it well.

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