Learn Something New

We went to Michael’s last night. It’s a crafts store and ee shopped there because I needed to buy a large canvass to paint, and place over our sofa. And for some new ribbons for my baked goods, which I will be preparing over the upcoming holidays. Homemade is always better.

Today is the new baby’s due date but she is going to take her own good time making her appearance. In the meantime, I purchased this skeen of yarn and a crochet hook. Wish me luck is all I can think, because my previous attemts to make something this way, was when I was much younger and impatient. I ended up with a long squiggly string. My niece, the new Mother-to-be is very good at this and she will understand whatever I eventually produce will be a work of love. 

The nice lady at Michael’s suggested I go on line to seek instruction. Like I said, wish me luck. I intend to make a baby blanket as it is square and hopefully, simple. So I am off to get instruction and work on a homemade gift.


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