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This is my response to Tony Berkman’s latest BrooWaha Post:

“Our Giving Makes Us Rich” Catherine Ponder

Sharing what we have is like purchasing insurance. It doesn’t mean nothing bad will never come our way, but it does level the playing field.

When we share, donate or give to others, by this very act we prove that we are rich enough to share our portion. Giving to help another will not deplete your resources. Because when we all chip in and help, WE Make A Huge Difference!

I feel guilty when I eat a wonderful meal and my mind plants the face of a child in my head, a child who has insufficient food, water, shelter, protection or love. The only way I keep my sanity is with the knowledge that I give on a constant basis. Every week. I tithe. I donate. I purchase insurance and I send care out into the world with the money I earn. When combined with others’ gifts, WE Make A Difference!

No one person or government can do this alone. It is when we come together to insist upon a change that WE Make A Difference!

I stand with Tony and urge you to sign-up today at and take a little time to show your concern for our fellow man. Make our voices stronger. Donate and share.

One day it could be you, or I, who needs assistance. Think on it. Doctors Without Borders is a worthy organization. They are heros.

Click to ChipIn * I donated today 9/10/2010. Won’t you join in, too? All proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders/Pakistan. Thank you!


3 thoughts on “Join Us!

  1. “One day it could be you, or I, who needs assistance.” This is so true. No one knows where the next disaster will strike. I have the most enormous respect for the people working for Doctors Without Borders. It must take a very special kind of courage to leave home and safety, to travel to distant lands and risk life and limb for strangers whose names you will never know. Bravo, too, to those who, though they cannot stand shoulder to shoulder with these daring medicos, serve with their prayers, contributions and calls to arms, such as yours, Theresa. We are all needed in this fight!

  2. Joined the event at BUnite. There’s always something, but that’s just the way life goes; the other option is an everlasting static here and now, which isn’t really an option as far as I can tell. Admittedly I haven’t personally give a huge amount to charity, but with organisations that have a good admin-to-program-services spending ratio, I imagine that every bit helps. thanks for this post

  3. Well done for sharing this.
    I am actively involved with a UK based charity who build and sustain villages for orphaned children throughout the world. They never spend a penny on advertising or marketing – it is all done by volunteers. I go into organisations and give presentations and get them to sponsor.
    My husband and I sponsor 2 siblings in a Children’s village in Laos. At birthdays and xmas, we put extra money into a bank account here so when they are adult, they can buy a piece of land, or set up some small enterprise.
    We get more joy out of doing this and the other charity work we are involved in than we ever would from the latest 50″ TV (that we don’t have)
    If each of us makes a small difference, together we can make a big difference.
    All power to your elbow lovely lady.

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