Families Of The Gulf

One day you’re going along pulling shrimp into nets or taking tourists out into the blue-salty Gulf waters, and showing up later with the daily fish caught. You are often asked to take a photo of someone who caught their very first fish. Could be you own a little shrimp shack where the locals hang out and more tourists stop in to eat your gumbo and seafood. The sounds from the water lapping against your boat as the sun sinks beneath the horizon is what you’re used to. It’s your life. It’s your living. Life has gone on like this for decades, and before that, your ancestors worked in some manner along the coast and passed down their knowledge of how to make a living in and around this beautiful shoreline. Full of hope … full of promise.

This past Spring, things drastically changed and what started as a terrible tragedy of fire, explosions and many oil rig workers losing their lives, turned into something even worse, dark, horrible, unthinkable, and horrendous. It was no ordinary rig fire and collapse. Oh no. This was the Big Disaster no one really ever thought would happen. But happen it did and it changed everything. For almost four months oil spewed into the Gulf and quickly turned the idyllic scenery, people’s lives, nature and wildlife, into a dismal gloom full of death and destruction, sickness, and a recovery which might take generations to be resolved. It could have been avoided. Ii should have been avoided.

Millions of lives have been adversely affected. The death toll of mammals, fish, crustaceans, birds, and the lasting health issues are still unknown. Families and individuals who earned their livelihoods and fed themselves is gone and the work they did take (in order to earn a paycheck), in clean-up efforts, has ultimately sickened them. These people need our help, and we can support them by joining together and blogging. We can speak out in order to make their plight continued to be heard. We will not forget our citizens that are still waiting for financial help and remedies. Their ecosystem has suffered real disaster. Their way of life is in dire peril and their futures look bleak. That is unless people like you and I do something toward filling their needs. We cannot do it all, but together we make a tremendous impact because we choose to do something, rather than sit back and read about it, watch the news or see blurbs on the internet. “Out of sight … out of mind”, is the old saying. We cannot permit this to happen.

Today, August 25, 2010, we at BloggersUnite have decided to get involved with the attempt to impact as many readers as possible. We ask that you seek out the places where you can make a donation to help these people. Plus help this event by passing on our blog posts, by word-of-mouth, tweeting, social networking, texting, by phone and any other ways you can think of. Please visit BloggersUnite to learn how you can sign up and get involved, too. Visit Citizens National Day of Action.


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2 responses to “Families Of The Gulf

  • Melody J Haislip

    Thank you, Theresa, for helping to keep this vital issue alive in the eyes of the American people. We cannot afford to forget our brothers and sisters who are still struggling in the toils of this terrible disaster. Your eloquent words and your loving heart remind us that for many Americans, the tragedy is ongoing.

  • Theresa111

    Thank you for your kind words.

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