Share Yourself

* Excerpt from my article on BrooWaha

You need to realize that you do hold the power to affect someone’s day … be it positively or adversely.

I live a simple, meaningful, yet busy life. The way I conduct myself toward others, is something that I do my best to stay aware and on top of. I have been a participator in and a witness to the results of cause and effect. While I do remember (mostly), the instances when I acted impulsively or unwittingly, in a negative way toward someone or some thing, I have repented inwardly, with the hopes I will not lash out or say something unkind again. For the most part, I conduct myself with honor, gentleness, civilly and compassion. This is what I want to touch upon. Civility and compassion, or kindness.

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4 thoughts on “Share Yourself

  1. Please and thank you; it’s my pleasure; I’d be glad to; may I help you? These and other phrases are the lubricant that makes our society function more easily and pleasantly. When I was young I was told on more than one occasion that, you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, a phrase that would make more sense to me as I grew older. Some would call it passive/aggressive, I would prefer to call it Southern charm, but whichever name you prefer, it works better than a case of WD-40.

  2. I live by the philosophy of ‘paying it forward’. many years ago, when i reached my rock-bottom with my alcoholism, someone paid it forward to me. Expecting nothing in return, she gave me of herself, her time, her hospitality and her love and hope and set me on the road to recovery.
    If we all think not less of ourselves, but of ourselves less, the world would be agetnler place.
    Smiles and blessings.

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