Orzo Is Love

Orzo is love and add in bacon and purple grapes to bring out a complex perfection for your mouth. Fast and easy.


7 thoughts on “Orzo Is Love

  1. Everything you make always looks and sounds so delicious. Its really convinced me to expand my horizons in the kitchen from now!
    Yum Yum Yum Yammmmiiii! .. smiles ♪.♫♪.♫♪.♫♪.♫

    Wishing you the best of Da Best!


  2. Theresa, last night I cooked a batch of orzo, sauted just a little onion and 1 patty of Johnsonville Original Bratwurst diced just until the onion was translucent in basil olive oil. Oh yes, I put a couple leaves of fresh basil in with the onion and bratwurst. I halved a bunch of grapes. When orzo was done I mixed them together with the onion bratwurst mixture. I sliced a tomato as a side dish and served the meal. Wow! What wonderful texture and flavor. Thank you for the idea. I am sorry I did not take a picture to send .. It looked a little like yours. I will definitely do this again.. Leftovers are for lunch today..

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