On My Menu: Beef Wellington

Chef Gordon Ramsey is always having his Hell’s Kitchen cooks make Beef Wellington. Never made it before and I went  searching on the computer the other day for a recipe. It uses duck liver pate and I don;t want to use this in my recipe. So I kept looking. I noticed this photo and saw that Chef Paula Dean has a recipe that teaches us to make an oyster pate. Now I can go for this.

Just planning ahead as my sister will be coming in from the West Coast after the baby is born (our niece is the Mother-to-be), and I want to try some new recipes before she gets here. Being prepared is like band rehearsal, I practice so I will know the best way to fix the dish. For instance, if I’ll use frozen puff pastry sheet, or if I go the whole route to make real puff pastry or a quick puff. I also want to make brioche, and I can prepare the doughs I’ll need for other foods, and in many cases freeze them. Like croissants … she likes the apricot and pain au chocolate ones.

There are quite a few recipes I want to experiment on at least once before she arrives. I can present some well-planned dinners and should be full-proof, because I planned ahead and tried new things. I also want to make Savarin and eclairs and custards and mousse and Paris Brest. I’ll take photos so there will be evidence. I really miss being a student in culinary school. Perhaps I should apply for a scholarship and become a full-time student. I know I graduated already, sshh … I want to go back and make all those French desserts. Students only get to taste a little but really, the most important part is making it.


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