On My Menu: Beef Wellington

Chef Gordon Ramsey is always having his Hell’s Kitchen cooks make Beef Wellington. Never made it before and I went  searching on the computer the other day for a recipe. It uses duck liver pate and I don;t want to use this in my recipe. So I kept looking. I noticed this photo and saw that Chef Paula Dean has a recipe that teaches us to make an oyster pate. Now I can go for this.

Just planning ahead as my sister will be coming in from the West Coast after the baby is born (our niece is the Mother-to-be), and I want to try some new recipes before she gets here. Being prepared is like band rehearsal, I practice so I will know the best way to fix the dish. For instance, if I’ll use frozen puff pastry sheet, or if I go the whole route to make real puff pastry or a quick puff. I also want to make brioche, and I can prepare the doughs I’ll need for other foods, and in many cases freeze them. Like croissants … she likes the apricot and pain au chocolate ones.

There are quite a few recipes I want to experiment on at least once before she arrives. I can present some well-planned dinners and should be full-proof, because I planned ahead and tried new things. I also want to make Savarin and eclairs and custards and mousse and Paris Brest. I’ll take photos so there will be evidence. I really miss being a student in culinary school. Perhaps I should apply for a scholarship and become a full-time student. I know I graduated already, sshh … I want to go back and make all those French desserts. Students only get to taste a little but really, the most important part is making it.


9 thoughts on “On My Menu: Beef Wellington

  1. In a small town in Indiana I had something called Steak Stephanie. It was similar to your Wellington except it had home pork sausage between the steak and the puff pastry. It was the best steak I have ever had. I am sorry to report that he died and did not provide his recipe to his wife or other chefs. Boo Hoo..

  2. If you feed your poor sister all of that, you’ll soon be able to put an apple in her mouth and roast her like a piggy! Hahaha!

    • Au contraire. Le doyen de Paula est en effet un chef et très bon à celui. Le cuisinier de moyens de chef de mot. Quand quelqu’un est le chef principal alors qu’il signifie qu’ils exécutent une cuisine et ou leurs propres affaires, dont elle a fait tous les deux. Elle est belle et pleine du rire !

    • On the contrary. Paula Dean is indeed a Chef. When someone is Head Chef then it means they run a kitchen and or their own business, of which she has done both. She is lovely and full of laughter!

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