Late Breakfast Today

Even though I was woke up early today, I was not hungry until around 1PM.


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5 responses to “Late Breakfast Today

  • Frank Brinkman

    I don’t care if it is 5pm.. this looks like it would be very tasty. And yes, I have had eggs for supper and even a late night snack.

    I am impressed by the composure of your photos. Is that intentional – meaning do you specifically rearrange things for your photo shoot?

  • Theresa111

    I have a 5 1/2 year old digital Nikkon camera. I point and click. I turn on the kitchen lights and pose the food (my attention span is not very good when I am hungry), and I click and think to myself “Does this make me want to eat this pose or this pose?” then I turn off the camera and eat. As you can plainly see, at times I already have the fork or spoon on the plate or in the bowl, and I realize you need to take a pic! So I wouldn’t think I put too much artistic thought into it. I figure if I like what I see and click, then you’ll get to see the same thing. You just don’t get to taste or smell it. Who knows what the future computers will be able to do.

  • Theresa111


    I will add this point. In 8th grade I took Home Economics Class, (we had to), and I was told to balance the food groups, the textures and the colors, too. It made logical sense to arrange the food on my plate in this manner because If I like it then most people like it.

  • Melody J Haislip

    Heck, breakfast is good anytime. It’s the oddest thing, but every time I come to this site, I get hungry. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had lunch yet. Or maybe it’s because of all the pictures of luscious food!

    • Theresa111

      Time to make your own. I took four slices of deli ham and heated it in the microwave for 20 seconds, to warm it. A pat of butter in the small skillet and cracked two eggs (without breaking the yolks), into a bowl. Rinsed off garden grown tomato and sliced. Sprinkled Kosher salt on top, laid the ham onto the dessert plate, in a circle and poured the two eggs into the heated butter. Flipped the eggs over very briefly and removed them , flipping them over onto the ham. Added the tomato slices, salt and pepper. Voila. Less than five minutes.

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