The Legacy of Buck Bannister

Over the past year I have been a site manager, coordinator and food writer for Half Hour Meals. During this time I have met cooks, chefs, cookbook authors, culinary instructors, culinary students, food radio and TV personalities, other food writers, and people just wanting to find good things to eat. They hail from around the globe and because of the different hours I keep, and the different times these people (many from different time zones) keep, we have been able to hook-up and talk about food, generations, ancestors, traditions, farming, gardening, preserving, religious and cultural cuisines, plus all sorts of spices, markets and bazaars. I feel very honored and privileged to be in the company of these fine individuals, many of whom are bloggers, just like me.

Also over these twelve months, I have watched these people grow and branch out, turning their love for food and cooking into something so valuable that others want to have a little bit of them in their homes, too. One of these personalities is a young man by the name of Buck Bannister. We immediately became food friends and it wasn’t long before I discovered I was trying his recipes and tasting the goodness he has called “Sugar Pies”. No, he doesn’t just bake pies, he prepares all types of food, desserts, drinks, and he does it all drawing on his Southern roots, plus a whole lot of help from his Mama and his ancestors, too. He adds that special ingredient called love and you can taste it in every bite. I know, because I have eaten his food.

When I found out that he had made a compilation of some of his favorites, I thought I had to get a copy of his first cookbook, because in my heart, I know he will be writing many more food tributes to what he knows, what he will create, and in honor of all the people who taught him to cook. He is a Southern Gentleman, a really fabulous cook & baker, he has a heart of gold, and I’m glad we are friends.

Please visit him on his website Sugar Pies and see the difference quality can bring when it’s presented so sweetly. Congratulations Buck on your first endeavor in bringing us “Sweet Decadence”.

Here is my HHM review of his recipe: “Gert’s Mama’s Pound Cake”

Inscription:  Theresa,Thanks so much for the kind words and support when I was starting Sugar Pies! Your friendship has meant so much to me during this adventure! Bon Appetit, Buck Bannister

ISBN-13: 978-1-452-87120-2

ISBN-10: 1452871205


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