One Potato … Two Potato …

Three potato … Four. I was amazed to see purple and blue skinned new potatoes, when we visited Butler’s Orchard on Sunday afternoon. This is a perfect sized for two portions or two to three vegetable pizzas. Or as the French would call it, Pissaladiere. Here is the original recipe I was taught at culinary school. I will of course, make it my very own way using these potatoes, Onion and garlic, too. Yummy with a Parisian accent.

Laminated Dough

Pissaladiere This is the French pizza.

1   18″ x 12″ flat puff dough docked and fully baked  ** (see below)

(cooked and seasoned onions drained)

spiced and herbs


sliced black olives


1) Spread onions onto the baked shell

2) Sprinkle with your choice of herbs and spices

3) Place the anchovies in strategic “X” and dot the crosses and points with olives.

Bake 350º 10 to 15 minutes.  Serve hot.

Yields 8 portions.

What I intend doing will be to omit the anchovies and replace them with thinnest slices of potatoes that have been lightly sauteed in butter and onions with garlic. Then I will drain and follow the recipe.

Quick Puff

Also known as rapid puff or rough puff.  You can make it flaky as well as tender if you make it well.

16 oz gold medal unbleached flour

1 t salt

8 oz water

drops of lemon

12 to 16 oz butter 1/2″ cubes (cold)


Two double turns or six single turns.  Rest 20 minutes in between.

1) Mixing bowl with paddle, combine all ingredients until just mixed.

2) finish by hand.

3) Roll out onto cold surface with lots of flour about 1/8″ to 1/4″ thickness.

Shape and rest in fridge before baking.  375º to 400º 18 to 25 minutes.  There is nothing to cook in this puff pastry you are just browning the dough.  Drying time.  Cool on rack.


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