Ant Invasion

Ants, originally uploaded by Katie@!.

We live up on the fourth floor. Every time we experience either extremely hot temperatures or very heavy rains, we get a surge of these ants. I didn’t think to snap my own photograph, so I borrowed this Flickr one.

Invasion is the right word, too, because this is our space and every where outside is their space. I had to pull the food from the pantry and buy those heavy zip-lock freezer bags in order to protect out food investments. Today I finally got my kitchen back … just in time for the horrendous return of the 100º + heat index. The cool weather cannot get here too quickly as far as I am concerned.


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3 responses to “Ant Invasion

  • Melody

    Heat, earthquakes, thunderstorms and now ants? Well it’s got to be your fault, Theresa. The ants heard about how good the food is at your house! Sorry. Hope it cools down soon.

  • nakedvoice

    I hate ants with a vengance, one day you wake up and there they are – swarming all over our worksurface! God when i’m older I might just invent a real good way to exterminate them. Loving the “virtual cafe”. Visit xxx

    • Theresa111

      Every time I see this photograph (which I chose), it makes my skin creep. Insects outside Okay. Inside … not Okay. Thanks. I’ll be right over. 🙂

      Hey! Maybe ant ant vacuum and you empty it outside. they live and we don’t have to kill them.

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