Playing Dice

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This is a dice game that my sister taught me to play three years ago. The name of the game is “Oh Shit”, and if you play long enough, you will most assuredly say these very words. If your dice grow cold, I imagine you’ll say the name of the game more often than not. It is a very good game and when we take breaks and want to relax, we call each other (3,000 miles away), and shake the dice into the receiver. We are very good about taking turns keeping score and we always play by the honor code. No cheating. Besides it isn’t fun if you do. Cheating is cheating yourself … remember that.

The first thing you must do is decide “Who gets to roll first”. The game consists of six dice. You roll one dice and whoever rolls a one, then a five, then six, four, three or a two, in this order, goes first. You do not “Get On The Board”, until you roll a minimum of 1,000 points or more in one turn. After that there is no minimum score to reach. The “Goal of the game” is to score 10,000 points for a win.


Ones = 100 points

Fives = 50 points

If you roll six of any kind it is an automatic win. I haven’t ever seen this done … yet.

3 ones = 1,000 // 4 one’s = 2,000 // 5 ones = 3,000 points

3  (twos, threes, fours, fives, sixes) = 200, = 300, = 400, = 500, = 600 points

4 (twos, threes, fours, fives, sixes) = 1,000 points

5 (twos, threes, fours, fives, sixes) = 2,000 points

Triple Doubles = 1,000 points

Double Triples = 1,500 points

Straight = 1,000 points (1-2-3-4-5-6)

Taking a turn:

Roll all six dice. See if you scored any points. Let’s use this example: You have rolled 2 threes, 1 five, 1 four, 2 sixes. You have scored 50 points. You must reach 1,000 points to get on the board, so put the five aside and roll the remaining five dice. This time you roll 3 ones and 1 two and 1 six. You’ve scored another 1,000 points making your score 1,050 points. You are on the board unless you decide to throw the last two dice … you could toss away your scoring points if you do not roll fives or ones.

Whenever you have a scoring throw and you end up with doubles you are required to throw the two dice again. If you are fortunate to throw doubles twice more, you then add 1,000 to your original score. Example: You throw 3 twos, 1 five, 2 fours. 200 + 50 = 250 points and double fours. The rules state you must throw again. If you throw either ones or fives as your second doubles, then you take the points and can stop. If however, you throw double fives or double ones on the last throw for doubles, you would then add the 1,000 points to your original scoring points (within this turn).

When a player reaches 8,000 or more points, that player may stop only one time in-between 8,000 and 10,000 points. It is best to get as close to 7,950 points before rolling for a higher score over 8,000 points. Were you to score and stop at 8,350 points, you must score a minimum of 1,650 points on your next roll(s) in order to cross the 10,000 goal. All opponents get one more chance to beat you.

… And all the dice

Whenever all of your dice score, you have the option to continue rolling until you decide to stop or you throw away your score. Good Luck!


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6 responses to “Playing Dice

  • Jaffer

    That’s a cool game – better than playing chess by mail 😉

    My brother and I usually end up talking on skype and playing games there or watching youtube videos by sharing our screens. LOL

  • Ladygoodwood

    Well now!! I have played a very similar game to this since I was a child – but have always known it as ‘sixes’ – in that the ultimate roll is to get five sixes. I have an old pipe tobacco tin with 5 old dice, a small pencil and a small pad of post-it notes for scoring. We keep it in our touring caravan and play it along with regular cards, scrabble and Uno.
    Our derivative is you get three rolls each turn and you have to achieve the following:
    5 of the same number
    3 of one number and 2 of another number
    lowest score you can get
    highest score you can get
    A run (12345 or 23456)

    So you roll 3 times to try and get whichever you are aiming for. So If I get 3 sixes, 2nd roll would be just the two dice then a 3rd roll to try and get more than the original 3.

    Have copied your version and put it in my tobacco tin and will play it next time we are away later this month. Quite like your title as well!

    Amazing what we find on blogs!


  • Theresa111

    My big sister taught me this game and you can substitute another name like Oh Darn, but it doesn’t have the same umph. Oh Bugger could do though. 😀

    I’ll try your game as well. I like the sound of the touring caravan, it sounds very exciting.

  • Susan

    We live this game! Both my husband and my son got six of a kind within 1week!!
    I am wondering for example, if you roll 3 sixes and 3 fives, do you’re score
    1500 for double triples plus 600 plus 500? Totaling 2600?
    We get some killer hands this way. All time hi besides six of a kind is at 5300!!!!!!

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