The Invisibly Disabled

by Tony the Misfit on Flickr.comSlavery in America is still alive and a work in progress. The news has touched on this subject through the years. Even in some of the richest households, some people have no voice, they have no rights, they are in effect … slaves. My sister told me about a friend who came to the US from Jamaica, to work for a well-to-do family. This woman whom I shall refer to as Winnie, was offered a housekeeping position in this household. Her flight and travel accommodations would be covered in full and she would have a big beautiful home in which to live, in a very secluded and gated neighborhood.

Winnie thought she had hit the jackpot, that is until she realized she would be at this family’s beck and call seven days a week, all year long. Because she did not know how to drive she could not even take their car keys and get away. She only knew that she was somewhere outside the city of Baltimore. Day after day this woman felt the chains of slavery tighten about her and no matter that she requested time off, to go shopping or sightsee, she was told that it wasn’t a good time. No one was available to take her, there was always some excuse to keep her housebound.

One day Winnie wrote to a friend and she managed to sneak the letter to the postal worker. In the middle of the night, her friend came and managed to get her far from the family. This happened in the 1990’s. She is a free woman today and decided not to press charges, but rather to count herself a lucky woman that she escaped. She is now a citizen of our country.

There are so many instances of this type of indentured servitude or virtual slavery going on in this country, and around the globe. Children are sold as servants to wait hand-and-foot on the woman of the house, while she orders them about, gives them only enough food to keep them alive and totally dependent upon her and either she or her husband beat these children to maintain control over them. I have seen documentaries of these poor souls on “60 Minutes”, “20/20”, and some “HBO Specials”, too. These are people who are invisible and disabled because they are under the control of their captors.

In many countries because there are no other jobs available, people are forced to work in sweatshops, in horrible almost unendurable conditions for pennies per day, frequently without breaks. There are children there working side-by-side with the adults, too. There are large corporations that use people to mine in dark, dangerous places. They use child labor, too, these working positions that are all that stand between them and starvation. The invisible ones who toil and are abused and have no voice. I pray for these illegal practices to stop. For the corporations to be shut down, for the families who lure these innocent people to their homes, to be little better than prisoners, to be arrested. There are even embassies who cover-up for the so-called employers of these unfortunate ones.

If any of you know of any person who is being forced to live under these conditions, be their voice and tell authorities. Save them if you can. Let us pray for their release and for them to be uplifted. These invisibly disabled peoples of our world. Join BloggersUnite and raise your voice for others when they cannot speak for themselves.


6 thoughts on “The Invisibly Disabled

  1. I would say I don’t believe it, but unfortunately I do. I’ve seen some of the same shows you mention, and I would like to see all the offenders in orange prison jumpsuits. What part of “It’s wrong to own another human being.” is so hard to understand? Do we have to make it the Eleventh Commandment or something? Oops, better calm down. I can feel that spot in the top of my skull getting soft, and the doctor said I should avoid that.

  2. I too have watched the programs you listed and the fact that this domestic slavery exists, as well as, children and young men and women from foreign countries and kept in confinement as sex slaves exists in 2010 is shameful. Thanks you for being the “voice” for those who cannot speak.

  3. Great post Theresa. There are always those who will take advantage of others – we can take this back to the Old Testament.
    In the UK, there has recently been a documentary series about child labour in the third world. This resulted in huge numbers of people boycotting and protesting outside some major stores. We now have FairTrade signature – which shows the goods have been produced in fair conditions and by adults paid properly.
    But the slavery thing is appalling in Europe, one of the downsides of the fall of the eastern bloc. People are desparate to come to western europe and get pulled into the most awful scams where they are held as slaves until they have repaid their expenses. And of course, they never do.

    In Thailand, Philippines, Laos and Cambodia country people will give their children to men who say they will offer them work in hotels and promises of money to come home. These children become sex slaves – for fat western paedophiles. Orphaned children are just swept up. I sponsor 2 orphaned little girls in Laos and do presentations to organisations to raise the profile of who provide safety and security for orphaned children who would otherwise be at terrible risk.
    It’s a sad and sick world we live in but each and everyone of us can make a tiny difference and lots of little differences can make some great big ones.
    your thought provoking post has done just this.
    Smiles and blessings.

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